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Livestream Template Pack #5: “CoD4”

This graphics pack is a collaboration between me and the legend Billy!

Our free Call Of Duty 4 – Remastered template pack contains: x1 Avatar x1 Twitter & YouTube Header x1 Twitch Livestream Overlay x2 Twitch Panels *Photoshop is required to edit

Please do not rip / re-upload / modify and claim this as your own work and give the credit where it is due.

If you would like to see a certain game’s template pack or a certain theme, be sure to leave a comment or a tweet @ us telling you want it and We’ll do our best to release one! 🙂

We also do custom graphic designs & illustrations, so if you are looking for something unique, just tweet at us or leave a message.
As always, stay positive & thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Nomaan & Billy

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